.My Randomness 12: Food & Movie

by - 2:39 PM

I had a FUN NIGHT with some of my friends last night. My guy friend caught two crabs from fishing early in the morning, but bought one lobster at the supermarket. ^^ Then we met up at my friend's boyfriend place and grilled some DRUMSTICK and one BIG STEAK. Although I forgot to take a picture of the chicken and the steak, I manage to take a picture of the LOBSTER. it was delicious. I felt like I had a FOOD COMA because of the food we just ate last night. After the dinner, we watched some rented dvd movies. we watched DESPICABLE ME and some of the scenes are funny, but like always some of the scene are predictable so they weren't anything that excite me while watching the movie (just an honest opinion).

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  1. hello there! wow, what a night that was, sounds like you had heaps of fun! oohh i love Despicable Me, specially when the minion said "whaaaat" with that funny face after the kid blamed him for the mess. I swear the movie was ending and I still wasn't able to move on xDD

  2. I wish I could eat some lobster right now. Been so long since I've ate that & sushi. XO