.My Randomness 11 BARE FACE!!

by - 2:11 AM

I want to start my 2011 with a new fresh outlook in my life.

I will make sure I'll write down my random thoughts here in my blogspot even thought it's short..

I will try my best to think about the highlight and low down of my day..

I will make sure I'll have those days to love myself just the way i am...

I will appreciate the people who loved me for who i am inside and out...

Last but not the least, i will try to be more confident without make-up on...

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  1. GO GO GO : D Also.. I just noticed the photo of Ga-In in your sidebar! I LOVE HERRR

  2. Oh good luck with your goals pretty girl, I also have to work on the frequency if my blog posts ._. and have a great weekend!

  3. @나니 : I know.. i think she's awesome! ^^

    @Saving Capulet : Oh thank you and I must say i like your blog page too. I sometimes visit your page, but i didn't have the chance to leave you a comment ^^