.My Randomness 14: WEBCAM TIME ツ

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Hello Lovelies ^^

Time for another webcam session with my awesome friends and its our first 2011 webcam pictures on my laptop =)

A random day turned to be a fun night and a sleepover at Fionna's House last Tuesday. While I was with my girls, I realize that I have been longing for some moment like this with them, where I can be comfortable, and be silly with the people I love the most. Nowadays, I'm feeling a lot of doubts/insecurity/uncertainty about everything about me and I feel like I'm lost. However I must admit that my girls are like my best medicine for now.

That's all for now...

Enjoy the webcam pictures!

.My Randomness 13 : A lazy day

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Hello Lovelies

Lately, I'm having those "Love-yourself & be okay with it" kind of day. I like staying at home where I can wear my big old sweater from my junior college and just wear my pajama shorts and maybe listen to some of my favorite songs on my itouch underneath my warm comforter. Yeap that's what i did today ^ ^!! Although my phone was busy from all the calls I received today, asking me if I would like to hangout with some of my friends. Frankly I said "No, Thanks. maybe some other time I'll join you guys.." and they responded to me like they knew I wanted to be alone today. However I managed to talk to someone on the phone (my best friend) and shared some funny stories about our weekend. Oh and I took a bunch of pictures on my webcam laptop today. Also I used one of my beauty diary mask to moisturize my face and wear nothing but my bare naked face whole day.

.My Randomness 12: Food & Movie


I had a FUN NIGHT with some of my friends last night. My guy friend caught two crabs from fishing early in the morning, but bought one lobster at the supermarket. ^^ Then we met up at my friend's boyfriend place and grilled some DRUMSTICK and one BIG STEAK. Although I forgot to take a picture of the chicken and the steak, I manage to take a picture of the LOBSTER. it was delicious. I felt like I had a FOOD COMA because of the food we just ate last night. After the dinner, we watched some rented dvd movies. we watched DESPICABLE ME and some of the scenes are funny, but like always some of the scene are predictable so they weren't anything that excite me while watching the movie (just an honest opinion).

.My Randomness 11 BARE FACE!!


I want to start my 2011 with a new fresh outlook in my life.

I will make sure I'll write down my random thoughts here in my blogspot even thought it's short..

I will try my best to think about the highlight and low down of my day..

I will make sure I'll have those days to love myself just the way i am...

I will appreciate the people who loved me for who i am inside and out...

Last but not the least, i will try to be more confident without make-up on...