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New Year’s Challenge

1. 5 things you did this year...

I finished school and my externship last August.

I finally finished school this year and I must say that I’m officially a Pharmacy Technician.But I’m still thinking of taking my education furthermore next fall semester and get my Associate Degree. So wish me luck new year!

Manage my BlogSpot and tumblr page...

One of my new year’s resolutions last year was post more blog entire in my blogspot and my tumblr page. Because of this two social network I learned a lot about people’s personal interest and made new friends around the world as well.

Pass my driving written test…

I know I used to say this to people “I don’t drive people, people drive me.” But this year I can say that I change my point of view about driving. I took my written test around October and I’m planning to take it this coming February or March.

Cleaning my future room this 2011

One of the biggest news I got this year was that I’m having my own room. Although I’m still in the process of cleaning the room, I must say that I’m looking forward to have it done this coming year, so I could have a sleepover in my future room.

I fell madly in love...

I've loved this guy for almost two years, and he still doesn't know how I feel about him. I kept this secret because all I wanted for him was he’s pure happiness, so much that I sacrifice my own happiness for him. I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with him, but I did.

2. 5 photos of memories this year

My 20th Birthday …

Carol’s 20th Birthday...

Celine’s visit here in SF

Jewel's 21th Birthday

Halloween Party

3. Your new year’s plans

I would like to ...

Get my own car!

Get a job!

Plan a road trip to go to LA

4. A photo of yourself from last year's new years eve and this new years eve…

5. A list of what you want to change this coming year...

My sleeping habit

My eating habit

Be productive

lose weight!

Find a new hobby

be friendly..

6. How did you spend your holidays with your friends?


At Jollibee

After dinner at Million's (?)

At Krissy's Apartment.

At Stonestown Gallery Mall.

Dinning out at Max's Restaurant!

Christmas party at Karen's Apartment..

Group Picture#2

Let's eat cake!

More group pictures..

Jhustine and I

Dinning out at Buca's Restaurant

Waiting for our food to come..

Happy New Year!!

7. Your new year’s resolutions are...

My main new year’s resolutions are that I should do something out of the ordinary or doing something out of my comfort zone and love myself again. I want to be a daring and spontaneous person. I must admit I change a lot of things about me this year. I kept everything about me in private. So this coming year, i want to accept myself a little bit more, make some right decisions, know what is good for me, and stop thinking I'm alone. I'm hoping for new memories, new mistakes, new friends, new laughs and a new me this 2011!

Until next time,

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