.MyJOURNAL26 Exciting news for November ^^

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I have two exciting news about me that I want to share with you guys!!

First of all, I passed the written test for driving last Monday. Although the waiting at the DMV was no fun at all, and managed to wait there for almost three hours for my number to be called, but still it was worth it. Because it only took me five to ten minutes to take the test. Now that I have a permit, I'm trying to find a good driving instructor so we can get this show on the road already!! yeah!!

My second exciting news is that I’m getting my own room.

I’m moving to the extra room near the backyard. Recently I have been trying to cleaning the room gradually due to the fact that they use this room as a storage room. I have to remove a lot of used clothes, dvds, bags, old documents, magazine, old shoes, old toys, and some parts of an old computer.

I planning to finish all the cleaning this week, and move-in by next week. (Hopefully??)

Hahahaha ^^ I took this picture when I was cleaning today. (I look so tired in this picture)

I'll try to update you guys about this two great news about me..

I'm so excited about my November now ^^

Until then,


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  1. congrats on the passing the exam and getting your new room!! good luck with the cleanign and please share it with us once you're done!! new follower here <3