.My Randomness 10 DAY10 Challenge

So I found this fun tagged 10 day challenge in tumblr and I also posted it on my facebook. So now I thought it might be fun if I posted my answers on my blogspot as well.

So here are the challenge questions:

Day One. 10 Things About You

Day Two. 10 Things You Love

Day Three. 10 Things You Hate

Day Four. 10 Things You Want To Say To A Person

Day Five. 10 Wishes

Day Six. 10 Items You Cannot Live Without

Day Seven. 10 Important People

Day Eight. 10 Of Your Favorite Songs

Day Nine. 10 Ways To Win Your Heart

Day 10. 10 Final Words

I'll post my first day challenge answer tomorrow ^^



  1. That sounds like fun! I wanna try that also! Hihihi ^___^

  2. oh I might try this one!! thankieess xDD

  3. Your welcome.. I want to read your day 10 challenge too ^^ I'll be looking forward to it ^^