DAY THREE: 10 things I hate

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1. i don't like the color yellow. SORRY for those people who like the color yellow!!

2. I hate snails, frog, spider (gross insect ~.~ ewwww)

3. i hate it when people touches my things without any permission

4. i dislike people that are too cocky.

5. i don't like people calling me in the morning (WARNING.. you don't like me when i'm bitchy in the morning)

6. i don't like rude old people

7. i dislike taking long test (I'm an impatient person ~.~)

8. i dislike people that can't even remember/mispronounce/make funny of my name.

9. I HATE annoying people that likes to touch me for no reason and "thinks" that I'm close to them.

10.i especially hate boyfriend who cheats/clinging/self-absorb

Update about me: Even though I'm feeling a little bit better now, I took the chance to get my flu shot at Kaiser.

But now my left arm hurts really bad and i don't know how am i going to sleep tonight >____<

Until next time...


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