DAY ONE: 10 things about me

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So here is my day 1 Challenge!

1. My name is Kima F. (people call me: kims, maki, kammie, kimsy)

2. 20 years old. (yes, I know I'm getting old >.< )

3. Born and raise in Angeles City Pampanga Phillippines (so i speak fluently Kapampanga but I took French, Spanish, and Japanese class ^^)

4. Only Child (yes I somtimes call myself "loner forever")

5. Moved here SF since 2003

6. I'm very impatient person ( yes, and I get annoyed easily >__< )

7. i'm kinda/sorta/maybe bipolar? ( I don't know, sometimes i found myself crying, then after awhile I'm all happy >__<)

8. My Birthday is on Feb 21 so remember to greet me ^^

9. I went to four different school when I was in elementary school. (My family and I moved a lot when I was younger)

10. I'm taken Pharmacy Technician (actually I'm done, and now i'm thinking of taking LVN)


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