DAY FIVE & SIX : 10 Wishes/Items You Cannot Live Without

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Day Five. 10 Wishes

1. I wish to be a billionaire

2. I wish to have the NEW SAMSUNG camera nx100

3. I wish I could travel with my friends around the world

4. my dream house


6. the new ipod touch?

7. Avanti Wet-Dry Nano-Titanium Ceramic Silver Digital Flat Iron

8. ROAD TRIP with my close friends

9. THE HELLO kitty black shoes

10. I wish I loved you since dec 08

Day Six. Items You Cannot Live Without

1. Laptop

2. Itouch

3. Money

4. Pictures

5. Camera

6. Color Pens

7. Hair dryer?

8. Make-up?

9. Pillows

10. Pink stuff

Update about me: I guess I did not make it to 10 day straight challenge >.< I have been so busy lately, and change our internet service at home ~.~

Until then,

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