DAY FIVE & SIX : 10 Wishes/Items You Cannot Live Without

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Day Five. 10 Wishes

1. I wish to be a billionaire

2. I wish to have the NEW SAMSUNG camera nx100

3. I wish I could travel with my friends around the world

4. my dream house


6. the new ipod touch?

7. Avanti Wet-Dry Nano-Titanium Ceramic Silver Digital Flat Iron

8. ROAD TRIP with my close friends

9. THE HELLO kitty black shoes

10. I wish I loved you since dec 08

Day Six. Items You Cannot Live Without

1. Laptop

2. Itouch

3. Money

4. Pictures

5. Camera

6. Color Pens

7. Hair dryer?

8. Make-up?

9. Pillows

10. Pink stuff

Update about me: I guess I did not make it to 10 day straight challenge >.< I have been so busy lately, and change our internet service at home ~.~

Until then,

Day FOUR: 10 Things You Want To Say To A Person

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1. Hi! Can we be friends?

2. Oh Really?

3. I'm forever alone


5. Are you going to finish that?

6. Yeahh Where is the party?

7. Been there.. DOne that !!

8. Thank you for being my friend!!

9. Maybe it was wrong of me to think that I could keep you.

10. I miss you and I want you.


DAY THREE: 10 things I hate

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1. i don't like the color yellow. SORRY for those people who like the color yellow!!

2. I hate snails, frog, spider (gross insect ~.~ ewwww)

3. i hate it when people touches my things without any permission

4. i dislike people that are too cocky.

5. i don't like people calling me in the morning (WARNING.. you don't like me when i'm bitchy in the morning)

6. i don't like rude old people

7. i dislike taking long test (I'm an impatient person ~.~)

8. i dislike people that can't even remember/mispronounce/make funny of my name.

9. I HATE annoying people that likes to touch me for no reason and "thinks" that I'm close to them.

10.i especially hate boyfriend who cheats/clinging/self-absorb

Update about me: Even though I'm feeling a little bit better now, I took the chance to get my flu shot at Kaiser.

But now my left arm hurts really bad and i don't know how am i going to sleep tonight >____<

Until next time...


DAY TWO: 10 things I love


1. I love polkadots

2. I love shin-chan (cartoon character)

4. I love DOGS


6. I love my ypg/ friends ^^

7. I love Japanese & Korean Food

8. I love Mangoes

9. I love colorful pens

10. I love Dunkin Donuts

Update about me: I have been sick for almost a week now and I hate being sick like this =(

I'm dying to get better, so I could finish cleaning && be on the road already ^^


DAY ONE: 10 things about me

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So here is my day 1 Challenge!

1. My name is Kima F. (people call me: kims, maki, kammie, kimsy)

2. 20 years old. (yes, I know I'm getting old >.< )

3. Born and raise in Angeles City Pampanga Phillippines (so i speak fluently Kapampanga but I took French, Spanish, and Japanese class ^^)

4. Only Child (yes I somtimes call myself "loner forever")

5. Moved here SF since 2003

6. I'm very impatient person ( yes, and I get annoyed easily >__< )

7. i'm kinda/sorta/maybe bipolar? ( I don't know, sometimes i found myself crying, then after awhile I'm all happy >__<)

8. My Birthday is on Feb 21 so remember to greet me ^^

9. I went to four different school when I was in elementary school. (My family and I moved a lot when I was younger)

10. I'm taken Pharmacy Technician (actually I'm done, and now i'm thinking of taking LVN)


.My Randomness 10 DAY10 Challenge

So I found this fun tagged 10 day challenge in tumblr and I also posted it on my facebook. So now I thought it might be fun if I posted my answers on my blogspot as well.

So here are the challenge questions:

Day One. 10 Things About You

Day Two. 10 Things You Love

Day Three. 10 Things You Hate

Day Four. 10 Things You Want To Say To A Person

Day Five. 10 Wishes

Day Six. 10 Items You Cannot Live Without

Day Seven. 10 Important People

Day Eight. 10 Of Your Favorite Songs

Day Nine. 10 Ways To Win Your Heart

Day 10. 10 Final Words

I'll post my first day challenge answer tomorrow ^^


.My Randomness 9 Korean food


Last week, my mom and I decided to eat at Korean Food Restaurant for lunch...

We had Mix vegetable Bibimbop and Duk Bok Ki (spicy rice cake &fish cake)

Last but not the least, Samgyupsal (pork belly?)

I was full after we ate that day! *blurrffff*

Well, thats all for now..

I'm trying to change some features on my blog ^ ^


.MyJOURNAL26 Exciting news for November ^^

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I have two exciting news about me that I want to share with you guys!!

First of all, I passed the written test for driving last Monday. Although the waiting at the DMV was no fun at all, and managed to wait there for almost three hours for my number to be called, but still it was worth it. Because it only took me five to ten minutes to take the test. Now that I have a permit, I'm trying to find a good driving instructor so we can get this show on the road already!! yeah!!

My second exciting news is that I’m getting my own room.

I’m moving to the extra room near the backyard. Recently I have been trying to cleaning the room gradually due to the fact that they use this room as a storage room. I have to remove a lot of used clothes, dvds, bags, old documents, magazine, old shoes, old toys, and some parts of an old computer.

I planning to finish all the cleaning this week, and move-in by next week. (Hopefully??)

Hahahaha ^^ I took this picture when I was cleaning today. (I look so tired in this picture)

I'll try to update you guys about this two great news about me..

I'm so excited about my November now ^^

Until then,