.MyJOURNAL24 Facebook and Pink lover


Last week, I finally decided to temporary delete my facebook page and I’m in the process of deleting some of my profile pages in some social network such as Friendster and Myspace beside I don’t go some of this sites anymore. Although I might sound bias about trying to keep my life and myself in private for awhile and yet here I am writing this publicly on my blogspot. I realize I was really having a hard time dealing with a lot build up emotion inside me and suddenly I felt like I just want to disappear for awhile so nobody can find me. I felt like I was afraid of everything including the fear of being so heartless. I know I’m not good at express my feelings into words and sometimes a lot people misunderstood my intention when I try to express my feelings, that’s why sometimes I keep everything bottled up inside me rather than saying what I really feel. I did not to talk anyone. Although I went out to eat dinner with one of my friends, and saw Celine and her brother (who came to visit us here in San Francisco) I still feel broken and i just don't know why.

On the other hand, since I'm trying to make myself think about the positive things and not the negative things in life this week, I suddenly realize that I started buying pink stuff!!! I don't why I started buying pink items, but I think maybe because its one of my favorite color??

Anyhow here are some pink items that I bought this month:

PINK/BLACK POLKADOT with Black Ribbon Make up Case

I bought this make up case when I was with RV at SF downtown. Although I did not want RV to see me sad that day, then he suddenly said this to me "Hey, this bag suits you, you like polkadot right? This will make you happy." I felt like he knew what was going on with me and he was there to cheer me up that day.


I wore this pink headband at Jhustine 18th Birthday. I love this headband! I actually wear this when I have a chance to wear some of my pink shirt.


I bought this when I was in Japantwon. I bought it at the discounted store. I wore this when it's time to wash my face, or before I put my make up.


Celine bought me this camera case at Koreantown in LA, I was grateful when she gave me this camera case. Since I already have a camera case, I use this for my camcorder video flip now I have two pink camera case!

I'm hoping next month I would feel a little bit better and back to my sanity :)