.MyJOURNAL23 Jhustine's 18th Birthday

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Yes, it’s finally here, the month of September which means I have a lot of planning and saving money to do. Anyhow, last Saturday was Jhustine 18th birthday at Embassy Suite, Burlingame. I think this is the last 18th Birthday that I’m attending because everyone that I’m friends with are already 18 or above. At the party, I saw some friends that I haven’t seen in awhile. Since I’m done with school, I need to hang out with them more often. As soon as we arrive at the hotel, Fionna and I actually saw a lot of people already sitting down. Right after we saw some of our friends, we sat at their table and the party is about to start at that moment, and then we greeted the birthday girl.

So here are some pictures from the birthday party…

More pictures to come....


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  1. hi there, that is a nice photoshoot. and thanks for visiting my blog=D