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My today's randomness are food pictures

i just love to take a lot of pictures of foods that my friend and i eat when we go out.
Whenever my friends and I go out to eat or just eat our home-made foods, we literally take a lot of pictures and its my job to take those pictures.

Well enjoy the pics ^^

Until Next time...


.MyJOURNAL22 M.I.A again ;(

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Konichiwa!! I know I’m M.I.A again these past few weeks. I just finish my first week of my externship and I’m extremely tired every day after work. However I’m not complaining because I’m learning each and every day since I been there and I’m trying so hard to finish my externship and get my license. I know I miss a lot of days of posting some cool event happened to me these past few weeks.

So I guess I’m just going to summaries everything I have done so far..

RV, Hannah and I went to a KOREAN BBQ RESTAURANT.

So the idea was that we (YPG) get together to finish our super secret project on July 31 and go to the Karaoke Bar (that I truly love!) But the plan was change in such a short notice that day, so RV, Hannah and I were the only one who came on time and went to the Karaoke Bar. But before we went there, we tried something new, so we ate at a KOREAN BBQ RESTAURANT near Japan town.

We order some Samgyupsal (grilled pork or bacon?) and i think some rice cake with ramen and its spicy.
I think Hannah and I were inlove with Korean food that day, we can’t stop eating even though it was way too spicy for us to eat, we even ask for some more water.

Honestly I don’t like eating spicy food but one of my favorite side dish is kimchi ;)
After that we went to the Karaoke bar, it’s RV time to pay the bill this time!


No, they are not biological twins or anything but it just so happened that they were born at the same day and year.
On Sunday Aug 1, Jewel invited us to celebrate her 21th birthday at KOME buffet. It was a dinner party and she even brought her own cake at the restaurant.

She even brought her own cake at the buffet ^^

Dinner Table!!

Want some more?

Although Celine is living at LA right now, we made a gift just for her.
I hope she likes it ;)
Happy 21th Birthday again for JEWEL and CELINE! I love you both!

Boondock Squad's EP Release

Then Aug 7, Last Saturday was another live rock band for my party pipz! It was Nose Bleed feat Boondock Squad's EP Release @ Sub-Mission Gallery

It been awhile since I seen those guys play music and party with them.

Until next time : ]