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Oh my. It’s been a long week for me this week. I didn’t have a chance to blog and keep my promise on my last blog post =( My week was tiring and frustrating! Wanna know why? This week was the first week of module H which I have a new instructor, new classmates, new class schedule and new projects to do in school. Even though I had Monday and Friday school day off I felt like this week was unending and all I could just think about is to go home and sleep. Anyway, but I did have a chance to go out with my friends this week.

Monday was the J-TOWN hangout with the couples.

It was surprising that Jewel and Alvin came along with us that day. And she even told us that it was her first time going to Japan town and I was surprise she hasn’t been there.

As usually we took some pictures at Pika Pika!!

we order some crepes and walk around the mall.

and we visited RV at his work!

And we ended up going to Karaoke Bar! It was a blast ^^ I love it. I want to go back again next time with my YPG Girls/ Bonsia fam ☺.


Friday was D-Town day!

Actually I didn't have anything plans on going out that day. I knew I wanted to go out because it's school day off but I don’t have any idea where to go. So I got a call from Aye and Krissy inviting me to go out and hangout with them at downtown. Since we don’t have any ideas where to go, we went around downtown and I guess window shopping. But as soon as we went to some stores we really can’t stop ourselves for buying new items.

I even bought some items that day ; SUNGLASSES.NECKLACE.HAIRPIN RIBBON.

Stop by at ICING

I bought my new necklace at Forever 21

Mirror Pic at H&M

We ate at Food Court of Bloomingdales

Well, thats all for now..

hopefully i will do something fun next week...


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