.MyJOURNAL21 Kaiser and Close friends

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Its only third week of July, and I’m already exhausted and I just want it to end quickly. Last week was one of the important step for my externship because I had an interview for my externship at Kaiser. When I receive the news about me going there, I felt like I just want to disappear that day and don’t come back until the end of the year. But after a few days when I keep thinking about it, I decided I should do it and finish what I started. I waited for 8 months for this and sacrifice a lot of time doing all the assignment they gave me and studied every test we had each week. When I had the chance to go there, they have me a tour around the pharmacy. So i guess wish me luck on my first day August 2th. Anyhow, my week ended with fun and a lot of laughter with my close friends.

Carol and I went to Hannah’s externship site, while we were waiting for her after her work. We went to this small coffee shop called "Cafe La Taza" near Hannah’s externship site.

Because Carol and I were hungry, we ordered this Fesca Chicken Salad and a Mocha Latte.

We had to wait for our food to come, so they gave us this number 37.

Then after few minutes later...
We have our Fesca Chicken Salad. It looks yummy huh?

We have our Fesca Chicken Salad. It looks yummy huh?
As we ate our food, suddenly Hannah came inside and instead of greeting us, she grab Carol’s fork and started eating our food (BAD HANNAH!) The food was too spicy for my taste so I just ate a little bit and the Mocha Latte it was a little bit bitter for me as well, but I love the chicken!

After we finish our food, we met up with RV and went to the bank for a little.

Then we went to Meteron and waited for Fionna to come.

As we waited for her, we started talking about our special super secret project. ^^
When Fionna told us that she’s on her way, we were trying to prank her and hide from the bushes nearby... But as soon as she called us and immediately saw us behind the bushes (darn it!)

Then we went to Jollibee to eat again!!

Then we went back inside the Meteron and just sat in the patio. We started talking about the funny memories we had when we were in high school and the things we are doing lately in our lives. Oh by the way, Fionna passed the actual driving test. (Congratulations!) So I guess pretty soon we will have some exciting joy ride trip in the near future ^.^

I was one of the simple get together yet one of the most memorable for me. Because of them, I found myself loved and just be me at all times when I’m with them.

We ended our day we laughter and we were planning to met up again next Friday to celebrate Hannah’s externship and I guess mine too ^^

Until next time..

FOL <3 KimS


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Oh my. It’s been a long week for me this week. I didn’t have a chance to blog and keep my promise on my last blog post =( My week was tiring and frustrating! Wanna know why? This week was the first week of module H which I have a new instructor, new classmates, new class schedule and new projects to do in school. Even though I had Monday and Friday school day off I felt like this week was unending and all I could just think about is to go home and sleep. Anyway, but I did have a chance to go out with my friends this week.

Monday was the J-TOWN hangout with the couples.

It was surprising that Jewel and Alvin came along with us that day. And she even told us that it was her first time going to Japan town and I was surprise she hasn’t been there.

As usually we took some pictures at Pika Pika!!

we order some crepes and walk around the mall.

and we visited RV at his work!

And we ended up going to Karaoke Bar! It was a blast ^^ I love it. I want to go back again next time with my YPG Girls/ Bonsia fam ☺.


Friday was D-Town day!

Actually I didn't have anything plans on going out that day. I knew I wanted to go out because it's school day off but I don’t have any idea where to go. So I got a call from Aye and Krissy inviting me to go out and hangout with them at downtown. Since we don’t have any ideas where to go, we went around downtown and I guess window shopping. But as soon as we went to some stores we really can’t stop ourselves for buying new items.

I even bought some items that day ; SUNGLASSES.NECKLACE.HAIRPIN RIBBON.

Stop by at ICING

I bought my new necklace at Forever 21

Mirror Pic at H&M

We ate at Food Court of Bloomingdales

Well, thats all for now..

hopefully i will do something fun next week...


.MyJOURNAL19 My List of accomplishment!

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Remember my list on my June blog entire?

I have some update I want to share…
Yes, I did accomplish some of my random list of things to do/wants to have/activities/parties last month and this month too as well.
And other my list… well I keep forgetting of doing it.

So let’s get started… shall we??


We celebrate this girl birthday on June 19, along with Celine’s visit here in SF for Summer time! We even had our 2010 YPG Reunion.

Also Celine bought me the original cd of Brown Eyed Girls in K-Town LA. (Gosh, I wish BEG goes here again for a solo concert!)

Well back to the story, So we rented a hotel room and we went swimming and I think this is my only Summer time vacation that I really had stressful day then the day after that is relaxing day!


Recently I been updating a lot more on my tumblr page because I had a moment when I thought I don’t have a tumblr page and I was thinking about making one, but then I discovered that I have a tumblr page,
And I just did not know back then how to use it or what is it for? Since then I just started uploading some random pictures I took or some pictures that I think are pretty awesome!

1. This is my new display name. “The lady with a polkadot mind” I think it’s pretty decent name since I love polkadot and sometimes my mind seems to be always thinking of creative ways to express myself and of course I’m a lady!

2. Sometimes I vent in Tumblr about what i'm feeling that day or my opinion about something else.

3. And as you can see, I change my background! Well, I guess all of my background… BLOGSPOT, TWITTER, TUMBLR!

So If you guys have a chance to check them out.. feel free to check them ^^


So It was the end of the module D, and my schoolmates and I decided to go out and do something fun. I suggested we should go ice skating and afterward we went to Pier 39! That's the day when i started to become addicted to Mango madness of Beard Papa ^^

♥♥ Spend time with LIFE Co. (my college friends) ♥♥

Its really been awhile since I hang out with Life Co. We been trying so hard to catch up with each other but I guess our schedule is preventing us to see each other. Time flies by so fast since I made my education as one of main priority this year and some of my friends are almost in their 5th year in college that all of us are really focus on our studies and more. But recently we had a chance to catch up with each other even though not all of us are there that day, I'm glad we met up and talk about what is going on with each others lives


i dyed my hair last month to be a little bit lighter than my natural black hair. My hair grows so fast that sometimes i love the thickness of my hair and sometimes i just want to cut my hair in short. I was planning to get a hair cut last month too, but i want to keep my promise of not cutting my hair for a whole year!



.My Randomness 7 ;D

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Hello! It’s been awhile again, I been M.I.A (missing in action) here in BlogSpot. As can you see I change my layout and change some features here and there, I change it to red and pink (I know it looks like hello kitty colors!). I had this one whole weekend that I was going to dedicate my time and effort to finish my layout and may be write one blog entire (since I only had one entire last month) but I guess that did not make any difference at all. Well maybe just one, the colors of my new layout! And I have a confession to make I been so active in my Tumblr page that I keep posting new things there all the time. Sorry My Blogspot =( Although Tumblr is one of my favorite page, I still love my blogspot. Oh By the way, It’s my last 2 weeks in school and I’m not ready to go my externship. I still can’t believe it, sometimes I just want to stay in school but then again I hate school.

I’ll try my best to make a new one next 3 days =)

But for now enjoy some random pictures I took