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One super short blog entire this week. My week was mellowed and relaxed beside from last wenesday when i had an upset stomach. BUT i don't want to talk about it =( Anyway, I did post one blog entire this week but i ended up deleting it. So i guess i might try to re-write it this coming week. (Hopefully!) Well, its finally month of June and i have a lot of things to do in my super super agenda. (notice i love saying "super"?)

Well this are my super random list of things to do/wants to have/activities/parties:

Finish the design for the YPG t-shirt

Photobooth blog entire

Fionna's Birthday

Update my tumblr

Ice Skating with my classmates

Add more stuff (sidebar) of my blogspot

Buy a new pair of comfortable shoes or flats

Buy new paper pads for school

Finish YPG sleepover video

Spend time with Heather? (my former classmate)

Spend time with LIFE Co. (my college friends)

Update my likes/dislike in JPA

More webcam moment with YPG

Need a new hair cut and hair color!

I'm hoping I can at least finish half of this list by this month!
Oh and i almost forgot i receive two gifts from my mom this week! BAG&WATCH!

Well, until next time! I'm watching COFFEE HOUSE right now at Viiki!!


FOL ♥ kiMS

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