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Every day I visit my BlogSpot and I’m always disappointed to myself because I keep reminding myself "Write a new blog entire for god sake!" As usual, I always ended up not writing one nor even writing a short review on my new favorites. I know I mention on my last blog entire that I have more free time to write on my weekends. I do have a lot of free time but sometimes I use my free time to get the sleep I did not get on the previous days when I study constantly before I take my test the next day. And sometimes I go to my close friend’s house just to relax and just to be updated with each other’s lives.

Last weekend my friends and I wanted to go on biking near the Golden gate bridge. Just like before some people are late, and we ended up waiting for them for almost two hours on Starbucks. My friends know that I’m so anal about those kinds of issues. Being late is one of them; being inconsiderate, touching my things without permission or even breaking my things, and getting lost. Of course I am going to complain about it. However complain is part of my new year’s resolution. So I try not to complain about little things and just let it go. And sometimes, others just push me to my limits that I can’t stop myself complaining or saying something out loud that sounded like I was being mean to them. I know I’m a ticking bomb when it comes to people trying to annoy me or do things that are actually annoying to me. But I guess I have to admit that’s part of my strong personality.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures on that day.

We stopped by at Safeway to get some bottled water for us to drink when we get thirsty while biking.

Hey did you notice our sweater? We just bought those sweaters that day! That’s my favorite sweater so far…

After six hours of biking, I was exhausted and unable to move my legs anymore. Then we went to IHOP afterwards to get some good meal. Because of biking that Friday night, I stayed at home on my weekend with a lot of pain in my legs and foot. Thank god we had a pain reliever!

On the other hand, sometimes unexpected things turn out to be the best memories you will have. I know I did. Last Monday, I had a chance to spend time with someone. (shhtt... super private secret) Hopefully this last chance will have a happy ending after all.

It was the best 26 so far...

Well there you go, that was my last weekend ^^ until next time…
Full of Love, ♥KIMS

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