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So it’s been awhile since I wrote my last entire, I been busy lately and as you can see I change my layout here in BlogSpot, but I’m still adding some new features here and there. So watch out for it ^^ I always wanted to update my blog, but I found myself easily distracted or I don’t have time to write even a short entire. Since the new module started last week in my school, my test day is back on Friday and that means I have more time procrastinating here in my blog. Now I can write freely on my weekends and keep up with my to-do list! Ye-yeah!

So I’m just going to summaries some of the stuff happened to me lately.

MARCH 27, 2010

Celine’s pays a visit here in San Francisco. At first I did not want her to go here and spend her money on her airplane ticket but she insists she wants to see all of us and she said “be with the real people” in her life. I thought that was the corniest thing she said to me, but it’s good to hear she miss us so much that she wanted to hang out with us just like the old days.

April 2, 2010 to April 3, 2010

It was another crazy rave night that night. I must say it’s a 5 out of 5 star super fun! We went to the studio again after we got kick out at Leo’s apartment because we were so noisy (we were just having fun whats wrong with that -_-) at his apartment. As we arrived at the studio we were ecstatic to dance and be free from all the stress.

April 3, 2010 to April 4, 2010

It’s Mark’s 19th Birthday! Although I did not want to come in his birthday party at first, But i guess I had fun. It was the first time we had a joy ride with him as the driver (a super crazy driver) and we enjoyed singing karaoke at his house that day.

April 5, 2010

It’s was a random movie Monday that night. Mark asked me on facebook if I was doing anything particular that day and he wanted to watch a movie at Tanforan. So I called up some people I know that are willing to come on a Monday night. We watched “Hot tub time machine”, some parts of the movie are funny but some are just so gross to watch. After the movie ended, since we still don’t want to go home yet, we went to Golden Gate, and went to the top of the hill (I don’t know the name of the place).

April 8, 2010

After my test and it was module break, Leo invited us to his apartment to have a horror movie marathon and pajama night. We watch almost four movies that day, but some of the movies we watched we did not finish it because the plot of the movies are so boring. One of the movie we watched was “Death Girl”, and to be honest I do not like watching horror movies because my imagination are oh so high, that sometimes the images of the horror movie we just watched is always stuck in my mind. Ugghhh!! Anyway, we had pizza and Buffalo wings that night.

April 9, 2010 to April 10, 2010

It was Carol’s 20th Birthday party at La Quinta INN. She rented a room for us to celebrate her birthday. We went swimming that night. I stayed in the Jacuzzi because the water in the regular pool was so cold, I could not even dip my foot in there, because like i said it was so cold!!! Then we went back at the room and partied all night. Also we went to Denny’s at four’ o clock in the morning.

Well that’s about it for now, I’ll stay hidden for awhile because I want to focus on my education first. I may not be able to go out as often as I would like to, however it’s okay because I’m almost done with my school. Three more months to go and I’m done.

Okay I need to go now, I’m watching my Korean drama’s right now at mysoju…

Full of Love, ♥ ♥ KiMS

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  1. aaah! :D this seems so nice and fun :D
    I love your new layout ^^
    and the "at the hill" where you're "pointing at stars" is so cute!! :D I love it :D
    aaw seems like you've been having a good time ^^
    I get what u mean when it comes to studies and how much time u get to post =_="