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Never be the first to arrive at a party or the last to go home, and never, ever be both.

Second Week of March and I partied like a Rock star. On my previous blog entire, I mention about going to Emily’s Birthday Party but I guess I partied twice in a row this weekend. On Friday, after school I was expecting to go hang out with two of my friends and go to Chinatown. I wanted to buy a new bracelet and buy my other friend a cell phone chain. Aye and I waited for Maria at Blooming dale. While we were waiting for her, Aye was inviting me to go to Leo’s party at their studio. So I told her “why not” since I know I have a ride back home. After we went to Chinatown, Leo drove us by to my house, and I had the chance to change to my regular clothes. I was ready to go out and have fun at that point, and then Leo told us we were stopping by at Java Jitters and sees them played their song. It was nice ^^ I loved it (I wish I have a talent on playing an instrument but I don’t ~.~ ) Some people read their poetry and some played their guitars. After awhile, I told Aye we should get something to eat. So we went to McDonalds near the Java Jitters. While eating, I convinced others that we should go on a Joy ride around the Bay Area. It was nine in the evening and guess what, where we went? A dark and scary park!!!! I don’t remember what was the name of the park or the lake, I was too scared to look outside the window of the car, and I might see something or imagine things. Ughhh!! Anyway we went to the studio to chill and party all the way; oh boy we really had fun at the studio – too much fun!! Sorry guys I can’t tell you the story of what happened that night (because I promise not to say anything) but I can only tell you this, the party was okay at the beginning, but things when out of control that night; unexpected things happened but in the end it was worth it. It was already two in the morning, when we decided to go back home. But before we went back home, we went to Twin Peak to cool off and get some fresh air. Andddd what a very nice view we saw that night. Even though it was cold, we still had fun taking pictures at Twin Peaks. Nevertheless, we even ate at Denny’s for some breakfast ^^ Before I knew it, it already five in the morning when they drove me off at my house that morning.

I felt like I did not want to go home, and stayed awake that day. But as soon as I went to my bed, I was tired and sleepy ~.~

Enjoy the pictures!! More blog entire about my crazy weekend!!

At Java Jitter!

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