.MyJournal11 Kristine's 21th birthday party!

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Live For Today...Plan For Tomorrow...Party Tonight...!

Finally the month of March just started, and oh boy, a lot of birthday parties to attend. I think this month is going to be hectic and fun at the same time. Anyhow, Kristine’s 21th birthday party was the first birthday party I attended this month. After school, I went back home and change. But before that I went to pick up my mom’s medicine in Walgreens and the guy in the register asked me “Do you have an i.d with you?” and I responded “why?” then he replied, “because you need to be at least 18 and above to buy this kind of medicine”. So back in my mind, I was like “damn don’t pissed me off, I’m already annoyed today.” But the funny thing was I kinda like it when he asks for an I.D because he thought I was a minor and I’m already 20 years old. Anyway, back to Kristine’s birthday party--- I was about to met up with Fionna that day, so the two of us can go together at Kristine’s apartment and Aye was waiting for us in Stones town (Mall). As I was in the hurry to catch the bus, I heard someone honked at me, I was listening to some music at that time, and I was not paying attention to my surrounding. Then guess what who honk me? My friends! Two of my friends were in the car, and I was surprised they were there. I mean I thought they are waiting for us at the apartment already. I went to the back seat and told them I was meeting Fionna. So we found her at the Muni Train stop and then pick up Aye at the mall. After that we went to Kristine’s apartment. We were the first people who arrived, some of Kristine’s roommates are still decorating some stuff in the wall and the birthday girl is still doing her makeup.

After few hours later, people started too arrived. I had fun at the party. The typical things we do like, games, conversation about random stuff, meeting new people, laughing, eating some delicious foods, drinking (but not a lot of alcohol), and some interesting nonsense argument. Hahaha XD. Before we knew it, some people are wasted! Oh by the way, I eat a lot of Jell-O shot, or should I say drink? Hmmm, anyhow I think I had 5 shots? Hahaha XD At first I thought the Jell-O shot are not even affecting my train of thoughts, but after a few minutes later, I was flushing that’s when I knew I was a little bit tipsy from the Jell-O shots. Nevertheless, I did not drink any kind of hard alcohol. One of my friend’s boyfriends gave us a ride back home, But Aye wanted to have a joy ride that night. I was still in the party mode, so she and I insisted we should go somewhere else and guess what where we ended up? We went across the golden gate bridged. It was one of the best joy ride I ever had. Even though it was cold, we had a really good time. We even went to Krispy Kream before we go home that night. ^^

Well that’s all for now, here are some picture’s from the birthday party and the joy ride…

And I can’t wait for next week birthday party, Its Emily’s birthday party at IHOP.

At the party, with jell-O shots!

At the car, joy ride time ^^
krispy kreme at midnight yummy! ;P

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