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today, i found a lot of new songs that i really like ^^ && one of the songs that i'm currently addicted to is "Star star star" by SNSD =] almost of all of them had a part of this song, well Yoona only sang the first part, buts okay!! i'm currently listening to it right now while i'm right this blogspot entire!! hopefully this one will make it on the top of Mnet Chart!!!

"i promise myself not to cry again but i keep crying" - Jessica's part

Last but not the least, Arashi's new song "Troublemaker". I been waiting for their new songs this 2010 for so long =( Of course i'm always going to be one of their biggest fan!! i'm addicted to this song today!!! after listening to it for the first time, i was hooked up! i love their pv because its different && funny too. Also when i read the translation of song. i love it more && more!!

" Are you ready? Even when we face disasters
It’s a sweet, sweet sign of “yes, let’s go”
Do it, do it without feeling ashamed
Go forward as we’re moving now! Moving now! " - by Arashi


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