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So i wrote down all my list this month, my to-do list, my new item list, and my wish list!

I have this to-do list that I really wanted to do and get it done, but somehow I always ended up not doing it at all.

Here is my TO-DO LIST:
(I keep reminding myself about this list. I want to buy new video editing software, but I don’t have time and money to do it)

(I told some of my close friend that we are having a customize t-shirt with our name on it, however they put me in charge about what kind of design we want in our t-shirt.)

3. Volunteer
(I have been told that, I need to volunteer in any kind of medical facility in order for me to have that extra work experience and its good for my resume)

4. Make a new head banner for my BlogSpot ^^
(I want to make a new head banner, and try a new technique that I just learned)
Hopefully, I can finish all before the end of the month.

Anyhow, i also made a list about the new items i got this month, and i can't wait to share it with you guys!


1. My New Pink Headphone.
(Yes, I finally bought a new headphone for me to use in my laptop or in my itouch and it was exactly what I wanted. It’s pink!)

2. New Shiseido products
(I been having new break out in my face, so my mom bought me a cleanser and softener, but I wanted to buy the moisturizer)

(I’m not really a rubber shoes person, I’m more like flat shoes and open toe shoes. But I bought this new purple black rubber shoes, for a change ^^)

( I love wearing pajamas, so when I saw this short shorts pajamas, I was inlove with it.)


Nevertheless, i have my wish-list too as well!!! Hopefully in near future, i will have all of this items

1. Panasonic Lumix DMC - FZ35 -38
(I always wanted HD –camera, I’m hopingI’ll get this when I graduate in school)

(I want something different this time, maybe a blue jacket! I never had one before ;[ )

3. BUY THE DVD OF “Heaven's Postman”
(I want to buy this dvd because Hero Jaejoong (DBSK) is the leading man of the story, and looks so dreamy. )


.MyJOURNAL13 EMILY'S 22nd Birthday party!!

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"Emily's 22nd Birthday party"

So it’s been awhile since I wrote my last blog entire, I been having a super hectic weekend lately. I wanted to write this blog entire last week, but somehow I can’t find free time to do it. So I’m just going to right a quick blog entire about what happened at Emily’s 22nd Birthday party. As I remember the party wasn’t that long, because we went to her house really late and people are keeping calling us and asking when are we coming? Also I was having a really bad day that day because I did not have the chance to eat back at home (empty stomach = not good) and I did not have enough sleep from the previous night. At the beginning, I was really irritated about some people at that party, but I tried to make the best of it, since I’m already there I might as well enjoy my time with some friends that I haven’t seen for quite some time. As usual, we took a lot of pictures, but I did not use my own camera at night we used my friend’s camera since she uploaded her picture at facebook really fast, so that was good! Oh when it was time to go home, we took some random videos, just to have fun ;D

Well that’s my last last weekend. Sorry about that =) Here are some pictures at the party.


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Never be the first to arrive at a party or the last to go home, and never, ever be both.

Second Week of March and I partied like a Rock star. On my previous blog entire, I mention about going to Emily’s Birthday Party but I guess I partied twice in a row this weekend. On Friday, after school I was expecting to go hang out with two of my friends and go to Chinatown. I wanted to buy a new bracelet and buy my other friend a cell phone chain. Aye and I waited for Maria at Blooming dale. While we were waiting for her, Aye was inviting me to go to Leo’s party at their studio. So I told her “why not” since I know I have a ride back home. After we went to Chinatown, Leo drove us by to my house, and I had the chance to change to my regular clothes. I was ready to go out and have fun at that point, and then Leo told us we were stopping by at Java Jitters and sees them played their song. It was nice ^^ I loved it (I wish I have a talent on playing an instrument but I don’t ~.~ ) Some people read their poetry and some played their guitars. After awhile, I told Aye we should get something to eat. So we went to McDonalds near the Java Jitters. While eating, I convinced others that we should go on a Joy ride around the Bay Area. It was nine in the evening and guess what, where we went? A dark and scary park!!!! I don’t remember what was the name of the park or the lake, I was too scared to look outside the window of the car, and I might see something or imagine things. Ughhh!! Anyway we went to the studio to chill and party all the way; oh boy we really had fun at the studio – too much fun!! Sorry guys I can’t tell you the story of what happened that night (because I promise not to say anything) but I can only tell you this, the party was okay at the beginning, but things when out of control that night; unexpected things happened but in the end it was worth it. It was already two in the morning, when we decided to go back home. But before we went back home, we went to Twin Peak to cool off and get some fresh air. Andddd what a very nice view we saw that night. Even though it was cold, we still had fun taking pictures at Twin Peaks. Nevertheless, we even ate at Denny’s for some breakfast ^^ Before I knew it, it already five in the morning when they drove me off at my house that morning.

I felt like I did not want to go home, and stayed awake that day. But as soon as I went to my bed, I was tired and sleepy ~.~

Enjoy the pictures!! More blog entire about my crazy weekend!!

At Java Jitter!

.MyJournal11 Kristine's 21th birthday party!

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Live For Today...Plan For Tomorrow...Party Tonight...!

Finally the month of March just started, and oh boy, a lot of birthday parties to attend. I think this month is going to be hectic and fun at the same time. Anyhow, Kristine’s 21th birthday party was the first birthday party I attended this month. After school, I went back home and change. But before that I went to pick up my mom’s medicine in Walgreens and the guy in the register asked me “Do you have an i.d with you?” and I responded “why?” then he replied, “because you need to be at least 18 and above to buy this kind of medicine”. So back in my mind, I was like “damn don’t pissed me off, I’m already annoyed today.” But the funny thing was I kinda like it when he asks for an I.D because he thought I was a minor and I’m already 20 years old. Anyway, back to Kristine’s birthday party--- I was about to met up with Fionna that day, so the two of us can go together at Kristine’s apartment and Aye was waiting for us in Stones town (Mall). As I was in the hurry to catch the bus, I heard someone honked at me, I was listening to some music at that time, and I was not paying attention to my surrounding. Then guess what who honk me? My friends! Two of my friends were in the car, and I was surprised they were there. I mean I thought they are waiting for us at the apartment already. I went to the back seat and told them I was meeting Fionna. So we found her at the Muni Train stop and then pick up Aye at the mall. After that we went to Kristine’s apartment. We were the first people who arrived, some of Kristine’s roommates are still decorating some stuff in the wall and the birthday girl is still doing her makeup.

After few hours later, people started too arrived. I had fun at the party. The typical things we do like, games, conversation about random stuff, meeting new people, laughing, eating some delicious foods, drinking (but not a lot of alcohol), and some interesting nonsense argument. Hahaha XD. Before we knew it, some people are wasted! Oh by the way, I eat a lot of Jell-O shot, or should I say drink? Hmmm, anyhow I think I had 5 shots? Hahaha XD At first I thought the Jell-O shot are not even affecting my train of thoughts, but after a few minutes later, I was flushing that’s when I knew I was a little bit tipsy from the Jell-O shots. Nevertheless, I did not drink any kind of hard alcohol. One of my friend’s boyfriends gave us a ride back home, But Aye wanted to have a joy ride that night. I was still in the party mode, so she and I insisted we should go somewhere else and guess what where we ended up? We went across the golden gate bridged. It was one of the best joy ride I ever had. Even though it was cold, we had a really good time. We even went to Krispy Kream before we go home that night. ^^

Well that’s all for now, here are some picture’s from the birthday party and the joy ride…

And I can’t wait for next week birthday party, Its Emily’s birthday party at IHOP.

At the party, with jell-O shots!

At the car, joy ride time ^^
krispy kreme at midnight yummy! ;P

.My Randomness4 ;D

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today, i found a lot of new songs that i really like ^^ && one of the songs that i'm currently addicted to is "Star star star" by SNSD =] almost of all of them had a part of this song, well Yoona only sang the first part, buts okay!! i'm currently listening to it right now while i'm right this blogspot entire!! hopefully this one will make it on the top of Mnet Chart!!!

"i promise myself not to cry again but i keep crying" - Jessica's part

Last but not the least, Arashi's new song "Troublemaker". I been waiting for their new songs this 2010 for so long =( Of course i'm always going to be one of their biggest fan!! i'm addicted to this song today!!! after listening to it for the first time, i was hooked up! i love their pv because its different && funny too. Also when i read the translation of song. i love it more && more!!

" Are you ready? Even when we face disasters
It’s a sweet, sweet sign of “yes, let’s go”
Do it, do it without feeling ashamed
Go forward as we’re moving now! Moving now! " - by Arashi



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1. I got 4 months to go in my school && its my externship =]

2. I still loved && addicted to ARASHI ^^

3. I'm doing a good job on my new year's resolution =]

4. I'm back on pink&black colors

5. I cleaned up my books && put them in a storage so i could have more space for me to put my new plastic drawers^^

6. I love my new stuff toy!! i named it "cillin" (based on my best friend)

7. currently watching SNSD Hello baby episodes.

8 I can eat spicy food now, because of kimchi ^^

9. I love my new camcorder =]

10. I need a new pink headphone, because I broke mine =(

Well thats all for now.. enjoy a picture of my cillin