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Last Tuesday, My friends and I went to the movies to see “Paano na kaya” the movie at Stonetown. I thought the preview of the movie was interesting and I thought I can relate to the story, but I guess I was wrong. The plot was a little bit common (in my opinion). The story was about best friends, a girl who is in love with her guy best friend, but the guy was heartbroken because of his ex-girlfriend, then the girl confessed to the guy that she's been in love with him the whole time. Everyone that I know watched that movie already, so I thought I really need to watch that movie. I was disappointed a little bit, I thought the famous line of the movie was going to be in the end of the movie, but I guess the climax of the story is too soon, and I don’t really like the ending. As we watch the movie, Hannah was making a lot of funny comments about the characters, and some of the lines of the main character were funny. Also the funny thing was the three of us can’t see the screen, so we move a little bit towards on the front and all of us wearing glasses.


Carol was trying to eat all the popcorn and the soda ;( she's so selfish ^-^

Now she shared the food with us ;D

The ticket of the movie "PAANO na kaya"...

Well that’s all for now, enjoy the pictures we took ♥

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