.My2010 survey 2

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[Q]:What does the 15th message in your inbox say?

[A]: Well its a picture messaging with my best friend ^.^

[Q]:How does the person who sent that make you feel?

[A]: I don't know, i guess secure ;]

[Q]:Were you ever obsessed with Vitamin Water?

[A]: Yes, i used to drink a lot of Vitamin Water >_<

[Q]:Do you hate the silence?

[A]: Sometimes, i do like silence it makes me think straight ;D

[Q]:What are you waiting for? 

[A]: I'm waiting for someone to come back..

[Q]:What year do you graduate? 

[A]: This year ^_^ i'm excited

[Q]:What's the closest red item near to you?

[A]: My pillow! which is in front of me to keep me warm

[Q]:Do your parents shop at the local Costco?-
[A]: Yes, I want to go there right now! buy some more baby carrots!

[Q]:Do you hate it when people borrow your stuff and never return it?

[A]: Yes, thats why people are not borrowing stuff to me.

[Q]:What time will you go to bed tonight?

[A]: I guess early today, i have school tomorrow ;(

[Q]:Is it cute when a boy is immature? 

[A]: Nope, i don't like a boy that is so immature. its a Noh, Noh!

[Q]:What are you doing tomorrow?

[A]: School, and watch a movie with my friends

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