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Its Webcam time ^.^

What are you looking at?? O.O

I know "we look pretty"


Black and white effect

All of this webcam pictures are taken during my 20th Birthday Bash!


.MyJOURNAL9 Mii 20th Birthday Bash!

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Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself.

Yes, I’m officially 20 years old. Last Friday was my 20th early birthday bash at Hannah’s house. So here is my story, I actually wanted my birthday to be celebrated on Saturday because I thought I’ll just have a small lunch time birthday party at Kome (buffet). But people kept complaining about it, they wanted me to change the date on Friday instead of Saturday. At first I was thinking I don’t want to do it on Friday because I have school and I don’t want to deal with the stress (go back at home then go out again, dress up again ~.~) I told everyone that I’m not celebrating my birthday. However some of my close friend really wanted me to celebrate it, just a simple birthday celebration and Hannah offered "Why not celebrate it here at my house?". So I called some of my friends that I wanted to invite but then again I ended up inviting the same people that wanted me to celebrate my birthday on Friday. So I decided, I will celebrate it on Friday.

First of all, I went to school that day, and I wanted to ask my teacher if I could go home early, but I don’t want to miss the new materials we needed to know in the Lab, so I decided to stay. (that sucks T.T ) Then I went back home to dress up, and people kept calling me and asking this “when are you coming?” or “Where are you?” I was in the rush; I met up with Fionna to pick up the food I ordered in the Chinese Restaurant. Then we arrive at Hannah’s house, but Adrienne has to go somewhere else (too bad T.T). So I only saw her a few minutes. Then people showed up. To make my long story short, we ate a lot of foods, took a lot of pictures, talk about random things, and cut the cake. I also had a blast on the laughing session we had!! We were just sitting in dinner room talking about random stuff, we were laughing out loud, literally we were loud!!! I was laughing so hard I was crying and the funny thing was that we all have our own laughing reaction, laughing while messing up our hairs, laughing while clapping, laughing while banging on the table and laughing while falling down the chair. That was the highlight of my day. After the party, people said their goodbyes and greeted me Happy Birthday again. After that one of my friends suggested let’s have a sleepover. So guess what? Some of my friends and I ended up sleeping over at Hannah’s house. We also made a Lady Gaga dance video at 3 am! It was one of the best sleepover I ever had.

Well here are some pictures on my birthday bash!

People Just Arrive!

Yeah! more foods!

I'm actually putting the candles

oh, we used the "1" candle because we did not have "0" candle ^.^

yeah! party like its your birthday! well it is my birthday! so lets party!!

cutting my cake ^^ thank you adrienne for the cake you bought for me ^^

I'll post more webcam pictures we had and more update about the gifts i received


.MyJOURNAL8 movies with friends #2

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First of all, I want to say sorry for the late blog post because I was busy last weekend and I did not have the time to post a new blog entire. Even though I had a three day weekend because of the president’s day, I used my Monday school off to study for my test on Tuesday and I’m not joking because I really made a schedule on my itouch to use my time wisely that day. Anyway, last Friday I went out with my friends after school to watch the movie “Dear John” Century, Bloomingdales at downtown. I invited some of my school mate with me and my other group of friends to watch the movie as well. Actually at first I did not want to see the movie because I do not usually watch American movies beside I watched a movie few days before that. But I guess I ended up watching it. ^^ In my opinion the movie was touching, I never expected myself crying when (John) the main character’s reading his letter to his father while he’s lying in his hospital bed. T-T After the movie, one of my friends left early because she had a date! So after she left we went around the mall and I guess window shopping! I wanted to find a new shirt for me to wear on my birthday small party but I guess I can’t seem to find the right one. Then we went to King of Thai to eat dinner, I was surprised we ended up talking about our own previous relationship and what kind of guys do we really go out with, or personality that suits us. I guess I made simple facts about what do I look for a guy. So I said this “#1, he needs to have some sense of humor. I like guys that are funny and I can joke round with him, but not always. #2 he’s older than me, and taller than me. #3 he respects me, and I don’t like clinging guys nor does a lot of PDA (public display of affection). #4 he can trust me and I can trust him. #5 best of all, he can be a romantic type of guy, not to showy but he does some simple stuff that makes me fall in love with him over and over again….” Hahahaha I know I have my standards but I think mine are too simple. After we had a dinner, one of my friend told me she’s coming late, she met up with me after the dinner and my other friends just went home, and I stayed at the mall with my friend. Oh by the way I bought this pink and black wallpaper that night. I’ll post some pictures when I have free time.

Well that’s all for now, I’ll update more about me later, Enjoy the pictures on last Friday.

One of my classmate gave me heart chocolate for Valentine's day. It was cute so i took a picture of it ^^

The ticket of the movie "DEAR JOHN"

Before the movie starts, we need to take a picture! of course ^^

Dinner Time at King of Thai ;) yummy!

Shrimp Fried Rice!

Fried Noodles with grave sauce!


At Bloomingdale's SF Downtown

With Marie! Mirror|rorriM Pic!


.MyJOURNAL7 movies with friends

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Last Tuesday, My friends and I went to the movies to see “Paano na kaya” the movie at Stonetown. I thought the preview of the movie was interesting and I thought I can relate to the story, but I guess I was wrong. The plot was a little bit common (in my opinion). The story was about best friends, a girl who is in love with her guy best friend, but the guy was heartbroken because of his ex-girlfriend, then the girl confessed to the guy that she's been in love with him the whole time. Everyone that I know watched that movie already, so I thought I really need to watch that movie. I was disappointed a little bit, I thought the famous line of the movie was going to be in the end of the movie, but I guess the climax of the story is too soon, and I don’t really like the ending. As we watch the movie, Hannah was making a lot of funny comments about the characters, and some of the lines of the main character were funny. Also the funny thing was the three of us can’t see the screen, so we move a little bit towards on the front and all of us wearing glasses.


Carol was trying to eat all the popcorn and the soda ;( she's so selfish ^-^

Now she shared the food with us ;D

The ticket of the movie "PAANO na kaya"...

Well that’s all for now, enjoy the pictures we took ♥

.My2010 survey 2

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[Q]:What does the 15th message in your inbox say?

[A]: Well its a picture messaging with my best friend ^.^

[Q]:How does the person who sent that make you feel?

[A]: I don't know, i guess secure ;]

[Q]:Were you ever obsessed with Vitamin Water?

[A]: Yes, i used to drink a lot of Vitamin Water >_<

[Q]:Do you hate the silence?

[A]: Sometimes, i do like silence it makes me think straight ;D

[Q]:What are you waiting for? 

[A]: I'm waiting for someone to come back..

[Q]:What year do you graduate? 

[A]: This year ^_^ i'm excited

[Q]:What's the closest red item near to you?

[A]: My pillow! which is in front of me to keep me warm

[Q]:Do your parents shop at the local Costco?-
[A]: Yes, I want to go there right now! buy some more baby carrots!

[Q]:Do you hate it when people borrow your stuff and never return it?

[A]: Yes, thats why people are not borrowing stuff to me.

[Q]:What time will you go to bed tonight?

[A]: I guess early today, i have school tomorrow ;(

[Q]:Is it cute when a boy is immature? 

[A]: Nope, i don't like a boy that is so immature. its a Noh, Noh!

[Q]:What are you doing tomorrow?

[A]: School, and watch a movie with my friends

.My Randomness2 ;D

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i guess i got bored and made this slide show ;D

.MyJOURNAL6 Tears are coming out ;(

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Tears are the safety valve of the heart when too much pressure is laid on it.

I must say that my first week of February was unexpected, unlike me, and unpleasant but in the end I’m contented. All of this started when I was trying to figure out what my heart wants and what makes me foolishly in love. I kept everything hidden because I wanted to pretend that I’m not in love and I can live without that person but somehow my heart gave in and well, I cried like a big baby the last few days. I’m an emotional wreck and it’s difficult for me to express everything I felt. I wasn’t going to write this on my blog because I think its private matter but somehow I ended up writing this down and I guess writing this will help me feel better and figure out what do I really want at this point. I felt alone, heartless, numb, broken, pain, invisible. One question I kept asking myself this week was that do I really want to follow my heart and wait? Or find someone else yet I’m still in love with the person I’m waiting for? On top of that I had a lot of studying to do, and it seems to be everything is adding up in my mind and I can’t think straight ;( However my week turned out to be okay, I had the chance to catch up with a friend of mine (guy friend) in a really long time. I haven’t talk to him since I came back from my trip to Philippines and South Korea. The funny thing is that every time I have some kind of problem in my life, he always ends up calling me. I can’t stop smiling that night when I heard him sang one of my songs and played his guitar. Oh and by the way, I took my test on Friday, and I think I did okay. Hopefully I got 90 or above. My broken heart was somewhat okay now but i know everything will heal in time. I admit that I was overwhelmed and I guess I really needed to cry once in awhile.