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NEW LIFE FOR 2010 ;]

Its been a while since i made my blogspot, and its sad to say i did not make any effort to manage my time to blog about everything that had happened to me last year.
So let do some survey! Shall we?

[Q]:What will you do different in 2010?

[A]: i think i would say that i want to become more patient person, positive attitude about life itself, be more productive, met new friends, sometimes be friendly to others and not let little things upset me. Also i want to focus more on school works and get A's every test i'll get this year.

[Q]:Do you expect 2010 to be a worse year for you than 2009?

[A]: i don't think so, because 2009 opened my eyes to become more wiser, pay attention, listen very well, and think about who are my real friends in this world. i really think my 2010 will be more on school and hangout with my close friends (when i do have time).

[Q]:Will you be looking for a new relationship?

[A]: Unfortunately, NO! i'm trying to avoid relationship at this point, because i think relationship will only affect my school work. i want to make school work as my priority this 2010, and when i finish school maybe i'll consider dating again.

[Q]:Will you be nicer to the people you care about??

[A]: Hmmm, yes! At this point of my life, i made a new rule to myself that sometimes i'm way too caring to people around me and sometimes when they do things that disappointed me, or upset me, i hold a grudge on them. So from now on, i let things go, and don't care about it anymore. From now on, i only care about the people that really care about me too.

[Q]:What was the best part of last year you really enjoy?

[A]: A lot of things happened to me that i really really really enjoy last year! For instant, i went to LA with my friend (Fionna) for five days only, Picnic with SG and Life Co, Last trip of the summer was in Six flags with my ypg girls ;D, Game night at Hannah's house, my trip back to the Philippines and i had a chance to go to a tour in Korea with my parents, Life Co's Christmas Party and last but not the least sleepover with my very close friends last December ^.^

[Q]: What will you make sure doesn't happen in 2010 that happened in 09?

[A]: i think DRAMA! [Its a MUST!]probably, conflict/problems will always be in our lives. Maybe, i'll try to avoid fatty food, and lose weight! ^-^

[Q]: Wishes for 2010?

[A]: my wish is to live my life in non-stressful way, and more love to everybody ^.^

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