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This is how i spend my Winter Break `009!!
During my winter break, i made promise to myself that I will make wonderful memories and i want to share this to all of you guys! I was looking forward to my winter break because i wanted to have a little break from my school works. Even though i just started attending to my new school last November and I was overwhelmed about my school work, stress, and i haven't seen my friends in a really really long time. So i made some plans for my winter break (Dec 17 to Jan 8). Before school starts again, i want lots of lots of good and fun memories on my winter break.

This was our first christmas party! We had a potluck where everybody brought some foods, and drinks. We also did Secret Santa that day. Each of us have to give their gifts to the person they have chosen. While we were waiting for some people to come, we tried to watch the movie "Ghost of Girlfriend's past", but we ended up talking about stuff that are nonsense. ^.^

Actually i planned this sleepover and I cannot believe it turn out the best ever sleepover I ever had! Once again, Y.P.G's Annual Reunion was here and my best friend (celine) came from LA to be with us last december. Even though she only had few days here in SF, she told me she really had fun from the sleepover. But before we had our sleepover, we went to Pier 39 to see some lights and we actually ate crepes! it was yummy! Then we went back at Fionna's house to met up with Carol and Jewel and start our sleepover. If you guys like the pajamas, well i actually bought those pajamas @ Old Navy and i even brought some facial mask, hot chocolate for everyone! We played some games! Pink team VS. Blue team! We ended up sleep almost five am!

After Christmas, some of my friends decided to go to Chinatown. We did not originally planned to go to Chinatown only, we were supposed to go to Krissy's house to watch some movies after buying some dvds at Chinatown. But i guess we end up wasting our time waiting for others to come >.< (i hate waiting, I'm an impatient person!). Anyhow, i told my friends about this store that makes customize bracelet with names. Some of them bought one! After Chinatown, We went to Bloomingdale's to eat dinner. Some ended up going home early, but some of us stayed and went shopping! i actually bought a new makeup kit and new shirt from H&M.

As the new year starts, my friends suddenly decided we should go out and do something! We ended up ice skating at Union Square. But before we went to Union Square, we payed a visit to krissy and bought her some Subway sandwich! we stopped by to her house, chatted a little bit and went back to Union Square for some ice skating ^0^. The last time i remember i skated was 2 years ago >.<

Well, that's all for now from my Winter break Adventure! =]

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