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Friendship is the most important ingredient in this recipe of life.

I found this quote last night and I think this quote represent what am I feeling lately. I felt blessed and loved by my closest friends. Last night I chose to let them know how much they mean to me and without them; my life will not be the same. In good times and bad times, my friends are the people who can see the truth and the pain in me even when I try to fool everyone else. I guess I been thinking about my past lately, and how lucky am I to find my true friends in this world. I felt like the time stop yesterday when I was talking on the phone with them and how we look back about the past, laughing about the funny moments we had when we were in high school and the event in our lives that we cannot forget and love to see again. We also talked about new beginnings this year, and how we try to be honest about our feelings. I apologized to some people about the things I said in the past and sometimes I joke so much that I hurt their feelings. I’ll try to be more understanding and don’t say mean things to others.

I told them about my plan in 2014. I wish we could go on a trip and have an unforgettable adventure. I know I’m a sucker for planning trips in the future but I really want this trip to happen. I want us to go on a trip, tour around Asia, and have some bonding time. Hopefully no drama! Maybe we will go on summer vacation! I’ll try to save some money now! My friends have some similarities but they also have their own differences and that's why i love them for who they are and not what people think of them. At this moment, I have nothing to complain about my dearest friends and in the future I wish I could make more friends like them. But right now I can’t replace my friends. I love and miss them so much ♥

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