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are fast and boring day for me. Why? Hmmm well, now that I feel better and I’m done with coughing and sneezing; this week weather was non-stop pouring rain and thunder storm and I can’t enjoy my “done-with-sickness zone” if I can’t even go outside and enjoy the weather. Now I’m stuck at home, doing my reading, memorizing everything on this week syllabus. Ugghhhh! Believe me when I say I got a lot of things to read this week for the test on Friday, but I keep wasting my time, or I’m easily distracted by something online or I watch something online!! But when I look at the time, its already evening time and I haven’t done anything on my list of things to read. At this moment, I shouldn’t be writing this stuff on my blogspot (*thinking over myself*) arrghhhh I just want to rest and do nothing at all. I can’t wait for Friday to come and get over with this test cause I’m dying here reading about things I don’t understand and too much information to take in three days. I just hope this week test I’ll get 80 plus or something. Ahhh I know this is my life now, I can’t be complaining like this early on the game (means school)....

Well, thats all for now! I should turn off my laptop and do my work ;(


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