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Definitions of my week was SICK AND TIRED;(
First of all I’m tired because this week was my first week coming back from my winter break, and it was hectic first day My class became a huge class, and I have to mentor someone to teach them about the things that we do in class. (I’m not good at teaching someone) Now I realize that I’m back to my normal boring life again! More school work for me I guess? Nevertheless, I saw my friends last Friday and that was a good thing for me to just hang-out with my dearest friends. Since one of my new year’s resolutions is to get a higher grade and do well at school, I might as well tell my friends I’m not going to see them for awhile. Anyhow I’m not use to see a lot of classmate in the class, and somehow I forgot some of the things we learned last month and I’m stuck again on doing all the readings on my textbook and homework (ohh I hate the unending homework!!) and memorizing words. Also I’m really sick right now ~.~ I was dizzy on Tuesday, and I had a fever whole day on Wednesday but I still need to study that day. I keep washing my facing to keep me from my sleepiness and a lot of tissue on my side that day. Thank god, I finish my exam on Thursday I finally have time to rest and not worry about anything at all, that why I have time right now to writing something on my blogspot today! Sooo it’s your lucky day today BLOGSPOT! ^.^ ohh, and I actually made a hot lemon drink with honey ;D my best friend told me how to make one and make me feel better. Then the next day, My teacher gave us back our exam. Although my flu was getting worst on Friday, I was happy, I mean very happy to see the result of my exam I got 92!!!! Can you believe that? Hahaha ;D As soon as we got out of school, I went out to meet some of my friends it’s been a week since I saw them. It’s only a week but I felt like I haven’t seen them in a year or something. I was glad to have some girl talk with my friends and share some laughter. My day did not stop there, I went back home and I had a conversation with some of my friend’s who did not come and hangout with us that day. To be honest, I was sick and hyper on the phone. I guess I really miss my close friends and I just want to know what are they been doing lately.

Well that’s all for now, I’m still sick right at this moment... hopefully by next week I feel better and be more productive.

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