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Friendship is the most important ingredient in this recipe of life.

I found this quote last night and I think this quote represent what am I feeling lately. I felt blessed and loved by my closest friends. Last night I chose to let them know how much they mean to me and without them; my life will not be the same. In good times and bad times, my friends are the people who can see the truth and the pain in me even when I try to fool everyone else. I guess I been thinking about my past lately, and how lucky am I to find my true friends in this world. I felt like the time stop yesterday when I was talking on the phone with them and how we look back about the past, laughing about the funny moments we had when we were in high school and the event in our lives that we cannot forget and love to see again. We also talked about new beginnings this year, and how we try to be honest about our feelings. I apologized to some people about the things I said in the past and sometimes I joke so much that I hurt their feelings. I’ll try to be more understanding and don’t say mean things to others.

I told them about my plan in 2014. I wish we could go on a trip and have an unforgettable adventure. I know I’m a sucker for planning trips in the future but I really want this trip to happen. I want us to go on a trip, tour around Asia, and have some bonding time. Hopefully no drama! Maybe we will go on summer vacation! I’ll try to save some money now! My friends have some similarities but they also have their own differences and that's why i love them for who they are and not what people think of them. At this moment, I have nothing to complain about my dearest friends and in the future I wish I could make more friends like them. But right now I can’t replace my friends. I love and miss them so much ♥

.My Randomness1 ;D

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I drew this today ^.^ This is one of my reviewer. Like i said to my previous entire, a lot of information to study this week, thats why wish me luck and get a passing grade at least ;( Enjoy my drawing ;)


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are fast and boring day for me. Why? Hmmm well, now that I feel better and I’m done with coughing and sneezing; this week weather was non-stop pouring rain and thunder storm and I can’t enjoy my “done-with-sickness zone” if I can’t even go outside and enjoy the weather. Now I’m stuck at home, doing my reading, memorizing everything on this week syllabus. Ugghhhh! Believe me when I say I got a lot of things to read this week for the test on Friday, but I keep wasting my time, or I’m easily distracted by something online or I watch something online!! But when I look at the time, its already evening time and I haven’t done anything on my list of things to read. At this moment, I shouldn’t be writing this stuff on my blogspot (*thinking over myself*) arrghhhh I just want to rest and do nothing at all. I can’t wait for Friday to come and get over with this test cause I’m dying here reading about things I don’t understand and too much information to take in three days. I just hope this week test I’ll get 80 plus or something. Ahhh I know this is my life now, I can’t be complaining like this early on the game (means school)....

Well, thats all for now! I should turn off my laptop and do my work ;(


.MyJOURNAL3 Sick and Tired

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Definitions of my week was SICK AND TIRED;(
First of all I’m tired because this week was my first week coming back from my winter break, and it was hectic first day My class became a huge class, and I have to mentor someone to teach them about the things that we do in class. (I’m not good at teaching someone) Now I realize that I’m back to my normal boring life again! More school work for me I guess? Nevertheless, I saw my friends last Friday and that was a good thing for me to just hang-out with my dearest friends. Since one of my new year’s resolutions is to get a higher grade and do well at school, I might as well tell my friends I’m not going to see them for awhile. Anyhow I’m not use to see a lot of classmate in the class, and somehow I forgot some of the things we learned last month and I’m stuck again on doing all the readings on my textbook and homework (ohh I hate the unending homework!!) and memorizing words. Also I’m really sick right now ~.~ I was dizzy on Tuesday, and I had a fever whole day on Wednesday but I still need to study that day. I keep washing my facing to keep me from my sleepiness and a lot of tissue on my side that day. Thank god, I finish my exam on Thursday I finally have time to rest and not worry about anything at all, that why I have time right now to writing something on my blogspot today! Sooo it’s your lucky day today BLOGSPOT! ^.^ ohh, and I actually made a hot lemon drink with honey ;D my best friend told me how to make one and make me feel better. Then the next day, My teacher gave us back our exam. Although my flu was getting worst on Friday, I was happy, I mean very happy to see the result of my exam I got 92!!!! Can you believe that? Hahaha ;D As soon as we got out of school, I went out to meet some of my friends it’s been a week since I saw them. It’s only a week but I felt like I haven’t seen them in a year or something. I was glad to have some girl talk with my friends and share some laughter. My day did not stop there, I went back home and I had a conversation with some of my friend’s who did not come and hangout with us that day. To be honest, I was sick and hyper on the phone. I guess I really miss my close friends and I just want to know what are they been doing lately.

Well that’s all for now, I’m still sick right at this moment... hopefully by next week I feel better and be more productive.


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This is how i spend my Winter Break `009!!
During my winter break, i made promise to myself that I will make wonderful memories and i want to share this to all of you guys! I was looking forward to my winter break because i wanted to have a little break from my school works. Even though i just started attending to my new school last November and I was overwhelmed about my school work, stress, and i haven't seen my friends in a really really long time. So i made some plans for my winter break (Dec 17 to Jan 8). Before school starts again, i want lots of lots of good and fun memories on my winter break.

This was our first christmas party! We had a potluck where everybody brought some foods, and drinks. We also did Secret Santa that day. Each of us have to give their gifts to the person they have chosen. While we were waiting for some people to come, we tried to watch the movie "Ghost of Girlfriend's past", but we ended up talking about stuff that are nonsense. ^.^

Actually i planned this sleepover and I cannot believe it turn out the best ever sleepover I ever had! Once again, Y.P.G's Annual Reunion was here and my best friend (celine) came from LA to be with us last december. Even though she only had few days here in SF, she told me she really had fun from the sleepover. But before we had our sleepover, we went to Pier 39 to see some lights and we actually ate crepes! it was yummy! Then we went back at Fionna's house to met up with Carol and Jewel and start our sleepover. If you guys like the pajamas, well i actually bought those pajamas @ Old Navy and i even brought some facial mask, hot chocolate for everyone! We played some games! Pink team VS. Blue team! We ended up sleep almost five am!

After Christmas, some of my friends decided to go to Chinatown. We did not originally planned to go to Chinatown only, we were supposed to go to Krissy's house to watch some movies after buying some dvds at Chinatown. But i guess we end up wasting our time waiting for others to come >.< (i hate waiting, I'm an impatient person!). Anyhow, i told my friends about this store that makes customize bracelet with names. Some of them bought one! After Chinatown, We went to Bloomingdale's to eat dinner. Some ended up going home early, but some of us stayed and went shopping! i actually bought a new makeup kit and new shirt from H&M.

As the new year starts, my friends suddenly decided we should go out and do something! We ended up ice skating at Union Square. But before we went to Union Square, we payed a visit to krissy and bought her some Subway sandwich! we stopped by to her house, chatted a little bit and went back to Union Square for some ice skating ^0^. The last time i remember i skated was 2 years ago >.<

Well, that's all for now from my Winter break Adventure! =]

.My2010 survey

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NEW LIFE FOR 2010 ;]

Its been a while since i made my blogspot, and its sad to say i did not make any effort to manage my time to blog about everything that had happened to me last year.
So let do some survey! Shall we?

[Q]:What will you do different in 2010?

[A]: i think i would say that i want to become more patient person, positive attitude about life itself, be more productive, met new friends, sometimes be friendly to others and not let little things upset me. Also i want to focus more on school works and get A's every test i'll get this year.

[Q]:Do you expect 2010 to be a worse year for you than 2009?

[A]: i don't think so, because 2009 opened my eyes to become more wiser, pay attention, listen very well, and think about who are my real friends in this world. i really think my 2010 will be more on school and hangout with my close friends (when i do have time).

[Q]:Will you be looking for a new relationship?

[A]: Unfortunately, NO! i'm trying to avoid relationship at this point, because i think relationship will only affect my school work. i want to make school work as my priority this 2010, and when i finish school maybe i'll consider dating again.

[Q]:Will you be nicer to the people you care about??

[A]: Hmmm, yes! At this point of my life, i made a new rule to myself that sometimes i'm way too caring to people around me and sometimes when they do things that disappointed me, or upset me, i hold a grudge on them. So from now on, i let things go, and don't care about it anymore. From now on, i only care about the people that really care about me too.

[Q]:What was the best part of last year you really enjoy?

[A]: A lot of things happened to me that i really really really enjoy last year! For instant, i went to LA with my friend (Fionna) for five days only, Picnic with SG and Life Co, Last trip of the summer was in Six flags with my ypg girls ;D, Game night at Hannah's house, my trip back to the Philippines and i had a chance to go to a tour in Korea with my parents, Life Co's Christmas Party and last but not the least sleepover with my very close friends last December ^.^

[Q]: What will you make sure doesn't happen in 2010 that happened in 09?

[A]: i think DRAMA! [Its a MUST!]probably, conflict/problems will always be in our lives. Maybe, i'll try to avoid fatty food, and lose weight! ^-^

[Q]: Wishes for 2010?

[A]: my wish is to live my life in non-stressful way, and more love to everybody ^.^