.My JOURNAL 1: ♡ ABOUT ME (My first post) ♡

Still updating my life .....

My name is Kima but some people call me Kims and some days my mom calls me Kim. Either ways my name still starts with K. I started blogging since 2009, however as you guys can see for the past few years I have been really neglecting my blog and I'm really sorry about that. I'm slowing but progressing trying to go back to blogging again.

   Blogging is like my favorite kind of secret and I'm good at keeping it. I write mostly moments in my life I want to keep remembering as I grow older and find who i want to be in my life.

Even though I'm one of those "silent followers" type of person, I love reading interesting bloggers around the world and read amazing stories about their lives. I think what got me interested about blogging is that I love how I can customize my own page and use some of my amateur skills in photoshop and HTML coding.

My blog contains mostly of the following: 

~My self evaluation~
~My Adventures~ 
~My Random thoughts~ 
  ~My Crazy/loving friends~
 ~My love story~ (my boyfriend and I love for each other)
~My Random Stories~
~My lovely addiction~ ( pink stuffs, polkadots, colorful pens, makeup, kpop&jpop, Brown Eyed Girls, kdrama, dogs, sightseeing, roadtrip, kawaii stuffs, TOMS shoes, photography, blogging, small boxes, shin chan, white roses, cameras, harajuku, pearls, delicious food, parties, sleepover, japanese and korean food, and mustache.)

 Craving for some more about me???

 Here are some random facts about me:

- Born and raised in Philippines but moved to the Bay Area since I was in the middle school.
- I’m fluent in both Tagalog and English but learned some foreign language such as French, Spanish and Japanese when I was in school. (but I’m not fluent with any of those language)
- I'm very impatient person (I get annoyed easily)
- I have insomnia (I’m really having a hard time falling asleep)
- I love to joke around, goofy off, and be loud at the same time. 
- I'm outspoken and opinionated person
- i hate it when people touches my things without any permission
- I dislike people that are too cocky
- I don't like people calling me in the morning

 I created my blog not because I'm a beauty expert, nor advertising products, but because I wanted to express myself and all my unexpected good/bad experience in my life through my blog. I love to write about my thoughts and feelings for further self-reflection so that I may learn to improve myself in the future. I blog to learn, to love, to express, to experiences, to enjoy and to share whatever my journey takes me and live my life just like I wanted it to be. I love sitting down to blog and just write everything. It is a great way to express my interests.

 Thank you for stopping by and showing some interest about me =D

I hope this "about me" section made you guys realize that i'm just like anyone who likes to write about good and bad memories of our own lives.