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My Friends and I loves to eat! && Pretty much every food we want to eat, well we eat them all! Although sometimes i'm broke, i try to save some money when it comes to food trips ;]
As soon as i started attending college, food trips is always been my favorite.
With my group of friends called [L.i.F.E Co] means Love inspire friends everyday in College,
We go to high measure to eat some delicious foods especially we live here in San Fran.
Here are some foods we took a picture with while dining.....

- this picture is taken in Pier 39 Boudin! its a Clam chowder

-this picture is taken in Stonetown Mall! its actually different kind of Maki Roll ;]

-ohh i love this pic! this picture is taken in Japantown!

We were on the run for Shabu Shabu!!

-& this picture is taken in Fuji Restaurant West Portal!

its a Caterpillar Roll! yummy!

-Last but not the least, this picture is taken in Spring Break!

we were at my friend's house, eating MOCHI!

i'll share more picture in the future.... but for now enjoy the pictures i posted ; )



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