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First day we went to the tourist spot and it's so crowded. I thought when I read those articles about Honolulu being crowded, I never knew it's that bad of a over populated city already which is not that bad coming from a girl like  My initial reaction when we got there, and drove to our Airbnb place was that feeling of being familiar with location. I feel like I have been there before yet it was my first time going there. If you guys know what I mean or not really.

 Beside of the sudden change of hot weather, I think I see myself blending in with the locals out there. (*that means I don't really want to leave the island*) 

But anyway.. let's stop talking about day 1, and let's talk about what happened on day 2 because it's obviously my blog post today is about day 2, not day 1. (*Hahahaha I like to repeat things after all.*)

Before we head out for our Day 2 of our Hawaii trip, I brought my Aloha Wai Hawaiian Water with me on the road.

My new favorite water drink


The first stop on our day 2 was a big hiccups for us. Let me explain it to you guys. So my chinito bear is the type of person who is efficient with searching places to go. He found this coffee farm because I remember that I want to buy some coffee from Hawaii to give to my coworkers once we come back because I know they all love coffee. 

The first location we went was the Coffee Farm at Green World Farms in Wahiawa. We went to this small but really nice coffee growers, cafe and retail place. Check out their website GREEN WORLD COFFEE FARM

While we were there, we checked out their retail space which they sell a lot of shirts, and whole sale price coffee beans and the espresso bar. We even went to the back where we saw a small portion of a garden of the coffee farm.

Then of course my chinito bear ordered a regular Ice Coffee while I ordered my go-to drink which is Soy Ice Chai Latte. I try not to drink coffee because it affects my blood pressure and I don't want to get sick while I'm on vacation (*that's a no no*) 

Nevertheless, while waiting for our drinks at the espresso bar we talked to some locals which they are really nice and welcoming people. Then suddenly I realize I forgot something important at the Airbnb place which is the battery of my camera. I suddenly remember it because I wanted to take some cool pictures on my camera but it would not turn on. I realize I forgot to take it the battery out of the charging dock before we left the Airbnb place.

I'm such a forgetful lucy person. (*Reffering myself to the movie "50 first date" character*) Luckily my chinito bear was patient enough to know already about my forgetful lucy moments, so we drove back to the Airbnb place, which took us another 30 mins back and forth then another hiccups I mistakingly did again was that I forgot to bring my birthcontrol pills in my bag. So that day was like DOUBLE DAY OF FORGETFUL LUCY MOMENT for me.

 2ND stop : Giovanni's Shrimp Food Truck

Anyway, after all that driving my chinitobear did, we were so behind on our schedule that day. (*I'm so sorry that*) We got hungry so we head out to grab some lunch at the famous hot spots to try in the island. We went to Giovanni's Shrimp Food Truck for our second spot of the day. 

Actually my uncle strongly suggested this place to try because he used to live there and he said a lot of people go for lunch time and he was right. But he did not mention it to me that there will be a big waiting time to get our food.

The moment we got to the area, there was a big line already waiting for us to join in. (*Darn that big tour bus*)

The place reminds me of the OFF the Grid in the Bay Area where all the food trucks gather in one place.
I felt like it took us forever to reach the front line but with a little bit of patient, silliness and people watching around the area we made it just in time before the next tour bus came to the front. (**YAZZZ**)

While we wait for our food to come, we saw some chicken, baby chicks and roaster hanging out at the seating area. We waited another extra 15 mins for the food and the wait time for the line was I think 30-35 mins.

Then finally they called our order number and ready to pick-up our most anticipated shrimp order that day. 

Bf got the Shrimp Scampi and I got the Lemon Butter Shrimp with extra two garlic rice. 

Then after eating lunch, it's time for dessert. Our first shaved ice cream in the island. We got the Rainbow Flavor Shaved Ice with Vanilla Cream. 

3RD STOP : Polynesian Cultural Center

We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center as our last stop of our day 2 in Hawaii.

We bought the Ambassador Luau Package Ticket a week before our Hawai'i trip which is good we save a couple bucks on the tickets. Although we came a little bit later than we expected it to be (*darn those shrimp*), at least we had the chance to see 4 out of 6 of the island village Tour before our Ali'i Luau Dinner Buffet that night. It was a fun experience. I recommend people to go to PCC to learned about the Polynesia Culture. 

My chinitobear bought a PINA COLADA in an actual pineapple while we watched some of the performance they had on each village we attended.

Before we head to our Luau Buffet. We needed some waredrobe change. I bought this cute matching Couple Hawaiian Shirts before the trip as well. (*I came prepared this time*)

Thank god the shirts fits the two of us. Well mine, I barely fit it.

We got seated around 5:30PM and they greeted us with the Flower Lei Necklace at the Luau and took some souvenir official picture.

We had the chance to watched some awesome performance while eating our buffet dinner. It was really amazing. I love all the songs, dances and even the MC guy, he can really sing. I swear he needs to go to American Idol or something. lol. And the roasted whole pig was delicious.
As for dessert, I do not usually like coconut flavor cakes, but I had a piece of a coconut cake and I loved it right away. I asked my chinitobear to get me a second piece of it.  (*I am really piggy out that day*)

Then after the food coma, we had some time to go around the retail stores before the main event which was the "Ha: BREATH OF LIFE". Like the reviews about the show, it was really an spectacular shows, one of the best live performance I ever watched.

We ended our Day 2 with that amazing show. If I ever have a chance again, I will bring my friends and family at PCC.


 We did a try on the night before going to the PCC.

Well that's all for now,

Wait for the DAY 3. 

Until next time,